Smudging ritual to get rid of negative energy

Clary Sage for smudging
You only need this much to do a whole house

My first spells were conducted in high school with a few friends who were into that kind of thing. I remember trying this one in the Woman’s Day by Athena  Starwoman. It involved seven nights, a paper heart, a mirror, some pins and the reciting of a poem. I don’t know whether it was positive thinking, fate or whatever but I ended up dating the couple of boys I tried it on over the years.

I remember another one that involved mixing up some concoction and sprinkling it on the chosen one’s head. My friend made the powder and it was my job to put it on the guy’s head. Unfortunately, Calamity Aysha struck on the way and I ended up tripping over on the entrance  to the building, which was seen by my victim. I’m not sure if I was successful that day but I definitely got my wish some time after that.

Spells were long forgotten after high school. But there’s a ritual I’ve heard about over the years, yet had never done it until recently.

When you want to get rid of negative energy in your home (or anywhere needed), clary sage is an excellent option. There’s over 200 varieties of sage and most are good for smudging but I wanted to use the most popular one.

You can buy it from most new age shops, it’s not hard to find.

Put it into a bowl, light it and then roam the entire area; make sure that you go to each corner of the room.

When I did this, it was so therapeutic. My intention was to really ensure that any negative energy disappeared. It was calming and empowering. When lit, it emits a wonderful smoke that follows you around, you can see it getting into the different areas, cleansing.

I think rituals like this can be really effective in allowing you to set an intention to rid the negative energy in your life. It’s not just the sage, but rather the combination of your thoughts as well, that make it do effective.

It worked for me. Have you used clary sage for energetic clearing before? What do you do to remove negative energy?

3 thoughts on “Smudging ritual to get rid of negative energy”

  1. Many years ago I build my home, as it was brand new there was no negative energy, I surrounded myself in calming colors smoky mauve and purple as well as an antique white on the walls -all great, I loved it.
    I had made friends with a lady I met in a meditation/psychic development group and had known her for a while before I built my home, after I moved in she came to visit with her 17 year old son – the whole time they were there I was getting bad energy from him, after they left this energy lingered so I walked through the house with smoking sage and it cleared the negative energy, they came to see me 2 weeks later and I went through the same process, I had to request that he stray away.

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